e-learning – AICP Global

e-learning with the AICP Global is awesome and great value for beginners and professionals. Our objective is to meet the needs people have for broader and more cohesive management and supervisory skill sets.

In developing this ‘e- learning’ platform, we invited a number of business leaders to share with us their vision of the kind of people they believe a modern business should engage! What in their view constitutes good business management control; and how should procurement and supply chain management operate in order to achieve the best results and manage risks.

Their response centred on having well-trained employees and experienced management, knowledgeable in the areas for which they are responsible; an efficient procurement and contract management structure that included clarity in direction for the operation of the procurement function, management cohesion, good communication and timely decision-making and with financial authorities and responsibilities clearly defined.

By integrating internal control, risk management, corporate governance, procurement, human resources practices, and more, into our courses structure we believe we have come pretty close to their vision. Our learning methodology means that multiple learning experiences build upon and reinforce each other.

We have attempted to make the AICP Global e-learning courses engaging and continuously refreshed with new content. Each course offers flexible learning that you can enjoy on your smart phone, tablet or computer.  Not least we offer an extensive, proven professional Certification curriculum in internal control, risk management and corporate governance. And in November we will add the curriculum for Certification in procurement and supply chain management practices. You can find out more about professional certification at; https://www.theaicp.org

We want everyone to get the most out of every visit to the AICP Global courses. You are under no obligation to buy a course, although we hope you will. You can register ‘free’ and keep up to date with our ‘free’ courses which we will be adding to the course list over the coming weeks.

Enjoy the AICP Global – it really consists of awesome content.

For more information on the AICP Professional Certification programmes visit; https://www.theaicp.org