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Risk Management

(Section 3. CRICP – Professional Certification Programme)

Here you will learn about ‘Risk Management’ i.e. the process of identifying risks, determining their significance, deciding what control measures are needed to manage risks, maintaining these measures over time and periodically ensuring adequate controls remain in place in the light of changing markets, changes in governance requirements and not least technology.

You will learn how ensure that the organisation assesses risk in a cohesive way; along clearly established lines of authority and accountability, and with each activity operating in the interests of the business as a whole.

This course draws on our extensive experience of business management along with knowledge of various universal and basic standards recommended by standards setters like COSO  and ISO9000, which can be applied to any business or organisation anywhere in the world.

Visit: https://www.theaicp.org for details of our certification programmes and how to become a Certified Risk and Internal Control Professional.

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Estimated Time: 5 days

Difficulty: Advanced

Course Instructor

Tom McClurg Tom McClurg Author