Internal Control in Procurement Operations

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Internal Control in Procurement Operations

(Section 5. CRICP – Professional Certification Programme)

Here we take you through the basics of internal control in procurement; how the process impacts business operations, the associated risks and how risks can be managed, particularly in the ‘tendering’ process where fraud and bribery are known to be widespread. We will also discuss how best practice could look in your organisation and how the procurement process can be continually monitored and well managed.

The goal is to address procurement practices while controlling risks.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3 days - Requires a basic knowledge of procurement practices

Difficulty: Intermediate

Course Instructors

Tom McClurg Tom McClurg Author
Allan Robertson Allan Robertson Author

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2 years of access

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Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Critical Suppliers

Section 3: Procurement Risks

Section 4: Learning Activity

Section 5: The Control Environment 

Section 6: Assessing Internal Controls in Procurement 

Section 7: Performance Management and Control 

Section 8: Learning Activity

Section 9: Fraud in Procurement

Section 10: Competitive Tendering

Section 11: Learning Activity

Section 12: UK Bribery Act 

Section 13: Modern Slavery Act  

Section 14: Internal Audit & Procurement 

Section 15: Learning Activity

Section 16: Course Summary

 Section 17: General Questions

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