Evaluation & Improvement of the Internal Control System

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Evaluation & Improvement of the Internal Control System – Incorporating Human Resources Performance Management and Audit Programme

(Section 7. CRICP – Professional Certification Programme)

There are many ways to improve the quality and effectiveness of internal controls but it would be a daunting task to correct every defect or mistake in every business process. Our objective is to help you understand the totality of internal controls in an organisation, including aspects of risk management and corporate governance.

We discuss concisely an effective evaluation of internal controls in order to create a high-performance organisation through the continuous process of systematic improvement. Because the fundamental aspect of internal control is people, we have included a series of HR performance measures and audit questions that will enable you to identify strengths and weaknesses in current practice and to focus on areas that are important to meeting business objectives.

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Estimated Time: 3 days - Requires knowledge of assessment practices in Internal Controls

Difficulty: Advanced

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Tom McClurg Tom McClurg Author

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Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Internal Control Environment

Section 3: Information & Communication

Section 4: Documentation

Section 5: Monitoring

Section 6: Evaluation and Review

Section 7: Internal Audit

Section 8: Human Resources Performance

Section 9: HR Audit Questionnaire

Section 10: Course Summary

Section 11: General Questions