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Certified Procurement & Supply Chain Professional (CPSCP)

The Modern Procurement Manager – Why this professional qualification is for you.

Developed by highly experienced business managers, internal control and procurement professionals in the UK and Europe the CPSCP syllabus recognizes there are several key skills, beyond currently accepted practices, that are necessary for the successful management of procurement in the modern workplace. These skills are contained in the AICP Common Body of Knowledge.

Registration Fee is only £375 (includes study materials)

Certified Risk & Internal Control Professional (CRICP)

Internal Control, Risk Management & Corporate Governance

Certification equips directors, operational managers, strategic planners, project and procurement teams, accountants, supervisors, internal auditors, internal control practitioners and others involved in business, with a clear understanding of the processes and procedures required to ensure effective management of a business and to achieve business objectives. pivotal knowledge in every business. 

Registration Fee is only £375. (Includes study materials)


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The AICP courses focus on giving our students a real understanding of internal control, risk management, corporate governance and procurement and supply chain management practices. Courses are delivered via this online platform and also direct to company employees in a classroom style setting. We have special terms for organisations wishing to train their employees on a group basis. For more information on group training contact; info@theaicp.org.

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The AICP Global is a Division of the Association of Internal Control Practitioners, a ‘not for profit’ company limited  by guarantee and registered in England.